VeriscanRISK: our risk management solution

We are experts in security and risk management: we know your challenges and your difficulties.

We observe that organizations use Excel or deploy unsuitable or even disproportionate tools to manage their risks.

Having analyzed them, we became convinced that none of these approaches was effective.

This is why we have developed VeriscanRISK, an efficient software solution that facilitates the assessment of all information security risks and, more broadly, all business risks.

VeriscanRISK ‘s methodological approach provides complete control over the management of your risks to manage them with complete peace of mind.

In SaaS or on-premise mode , VeriscanRISK is a flexible, customizable, easy to use and administer application.

So, by linking risks to the appropriate controls, you decide how to prioritize and address them. Then, VeriscanRISK draws up reports to manage the evolution of your risks over time.


  • Flash audit.
  • Initial diagnosis and inventory.
  • Qualification of the situation (mapping, prerequisites).
  • Certification preparation audits.
  • Independent internal audits of Management System (s).
  • Customer – supplier audits (contracts , Service Level Agreement, disputes, post incident, etc.).
  • Certification audits (third party).
  • Measurement of the gap with regard to the rules and the state of the art (gap analysis).


  • Design of educational content and facilitation of training (inter / intra-company).
  • Prevention and awareness.
  • Definition of issues (regulatory, benchmarks).
  • Identification of impacts and classification of related risks.
  • Understanding of keys and codes to move towards the state of the art.
  • Definition of compliance needs, policies, programs, procedures and their implementation.
  • Assistance in setting up educational tools.

Advice and expertise

  • Scoping study and development of certification strategies.
  • Support project for the implementation of simple or integrated management systems according to the requirements of ISO standards (9001, 20000-1, 27001, 22301, HDS and RGPD, etc.).
  • Organizational and functional assistance, digital transformation.
  • Development of dashboards and compliance indicators.
  • Implementation of tools (operating procedures, guides, models, risk management software and processing register).
  • Assistance, writing and updating of programs, policies and procedures.
  • Support, expertise and support for certification projects.


By choosing to focus their attention on their core business, our clients now delegate to us strategic and essential missions to guarantee the integrity of their service promise.

  • Outsourced Information Systems Security Manager (CISO),
  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPD / DPO).

Watch and perspective

The standard creates the business: by observing, for example, the strategy of China to converge the standards of the telephony market towards its own, even on the American territory, the anticipation of the normative strategies is no longer a matter of intellectual comfort, but of a critical issue.

We alert our clients to the issues that will condition the sustainability of their activities and their strategic options:

  • State of the art and impact analysis of laws, standards and regulations for a given context (country, sector, company, business unit).
  • Analysis of market risks and opportunities by business sector / geographic area.
  • Monitoring and synthesis of the life cycle of norms and standards (security, continuity, Artificial intelligence, blockchain, risks, compliance, etc.).
  • Anticipation of emerging topics.