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Outsourced Information Systems Security Manager (RSSI)

Confidence in a supplier’s ability to ensure the security of the assets entrusted to it is a critical issue.

Companies are seeing an increased demand for the level of security expected by their customers, with the risk of immediate loss of credibility if in doubt:

  • Security questionnaires now included in tenders,
  • Certification requirement by some customers.

Beyond obtaining ISO 27001 certification, the objective is now to instill the rigor and the spirit of requirement of a safety approach to the teams, while respecting the culture of each company.

They measure the criticality of the role of CISO (responsible for the security of information systems) without wanting to mobilize a permanent budget for this purpose.

For this reason, Trax provides an on-demand outsourced RSSI service to:

  • Provide training and staff awareness of safety,
  • Keeping track and continuous improvement of WSIS,
  • Ensuring security control and governance,
  • Provide support to commercial engineers to answer security questionnaires during tenders,
  • Ensuring internal audits are carried out,
  • Keep track of technical audit services,
  • Support for ISO 27001 certification audit.

Outsourced Data Protection Delegate (DPD/DPO)

The digital transformation of companies can only be done in an environment of trust, respectful of user consent, which the GDPR places at the heart of the balance between business and security.

Trax has partnered with AFNOR and BSI to provide certification support services, compliant with ISO standard obligations, based on a detailed assessment of GDPR compliance, which enables its customers to:

  • Conducting deviation controls and analyses within the framework of the RGPD,
  • Combine GDPR certification with other compliance procedures and in particular ISO 27001 certification,
  • Certify information security management products, services, processes and systems,
  • Address emerging technological issues (internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data …) in full awareness of the risks.

Trax, a signatory to the DPO’s charter of ethics and a member of the AFCDP (French Association of Personal Data Protection Correspondents), provides training, audit and advice on the compliance of companies with the protection of personal data:

  • Mapping the data,
  • Compliance audit,
  • Compliance Action Plan,
  • Outsourced DPO service,
  • Impact study,
  • RGPD training,
  • Audit of subcontractors,
  • Security audit / penetration test,
  • Legal advice/validation,
  • Council in organization,
  • Technical advice,
  • Validating legal obligations,
  • Legal validation (web, consent, CGU, CGV),
  • Certification audit.