Discover the VeriscanRisk app

Features and properties of VeriscanRisk

VeriscanRisk considers each type of risk individually, but also aggregates all the risks managed within a dedicated body, whatever their type, to reconcile, factor and restore synergies to the players concerned.

VeriscanRisk generates reports on the fly incorporating:

  • Risk mapping,
  • Tracking the progress of activities selected as a risk management plan:
  • On all related parameterized dimensions:
    • In the specific context of the organization concerned (entity, process, projects, sites/agency)
    • Activities (status of progression, responsibility for activities, cost of action, etc.)
  • All filters and selection criteria necessary to return the expected level of information:
    • By the relevant stakeholders (DG, DSI, RSSI, Risk Manager, Project Manager, Process Pilot, Site Manager, Business Unit Director…),
    • On the specified and previously authorized perimeters.
  • Benefit from organizational and methodical support for the exercise of risk analysis

  • Benefit from support for demonstrating compliance

  • Benefit from a tool that adapts to the maturity of your business, and that evolves with the organization

  • Benefit from a tool that confronts the management of the company with national and international repositories and standards (ISO 27001, HDS, etc.)