Digital Compliance Agency

Faced with the risks of digital drift , compliance is a guarantee of the security of information systems, the protection of personal data and the quality of digital uses.

Cyber security through digital compliance

VeriscanRISK: our risk management solution

VeriscanRISK is an efficient software solution that facilitates the assessment of all information security risks and, more broadly, all business risks.

By linking the risks to the appropriate controls, VeriscanRISK gives you complete control over the management of your risks to manage them with complete peace of mind: you decide how to prioritize them and treat them over time.

What our clients say

“We have delegated the function of assistant CISO to TRAX”

Chief Technical Officer.

“TRAX allowed us to understand the ISO 27001 standard and its challenges”

Thierry COUSSY

“Thanks to TRAX’s support, we obtained HDS certification”

Sebastien MAUPTIT,
Information Systems Security Manager.

“The TRAX teams have been accompanying us for several months in our ISO 27001 certification process. We are happy and lucky to have had them by our side!”

Mickaël CABROL