Trax Lab

The voluntary standard is a guarantee of quality, safety, universality and performance, for the benefit of everyone.

It sets standards for quality, safety or performance. This common language plays with geographic boundaries, so as to prevent incompatibilities between countries, between companies, between customers and suppliers, and to facilitate scalability.

Voluntary standards provide a legitimate frame of reference as they are developed by both manufacturers and users.

Involvement in standardization

TRAX participates in the work of:

  • 9 AFNOR Standardization Commissions (CN):
    • CN Information security, data protection and privacy
    • CN Engineering Software and Systems Quality
    • CN Security and Resilience
    • CN Artificial Intelligence
    • CN Blockchain
    • CN Governance of Organizations
    • CN Risks
    • CN Quality and Management
    • CN Online Games

TRAX is involved in:

  • 3 European Standardization Commissions (CEN / CENELEC)
    • JTC13
    • TC391
    • TC456
  • 3 International Technical Sub-Committees (ISO)
    • JTC1 / SC27
    • JTC1 / SC40
    • JTC1 / SC42