Our agency

Our digital compliance agency brings together consultants and experts with rich academic and professional backgrounds who share the belief that the compliance approach is virtuous and meaningful over the long term.

However, our team is convinced that compliance derives its legitimacy from the field and its credibility from the observation of the benefits it provides.

For TRAX, compliance is the lever for a smoother, more efficient and footprint-conscious operation that everyone will leave behind.

Our vision

As an individual, everyone will remember the constraints of compliance, as an obstacle to their freedoms.

But as soon as several individuals interact with their environment together, they take responsibility and become accountable for the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Beyond ethical considerations… Governing is planning. Integrating compliance into the DNA of one’s organization also means projecting, capturing weak signals early on and turning threats into opportunities.

To be compliant is a sign of a responsible and mature approach, which leads each entity to think about its own functioning, in order to do more with less and this, in a sustainable way; identify its strengths, weaknesses, secure its assets and name the rules that perpetuate its links.

Finally, Who makes the standard, creates the business. Compliance is a tool of economic warfare: it reduces uncertainty, builds trust by regulating trade.

Non-compliance, sometimes a sign of non-quality, is now sanctioned by the market. Tomorrow, it will be a cause of immediate exclusion.