What is your background ?

I am an engineer from the Institut Informatique et Entreprise, graduated from the HEC MBA and from the IHFI Paris Sorbonne. I started my career as a sales engineer at IBM, before creating the IT companies InfoPlus, AGENA and SOFTWAY INC. From 1990, my activity was divided between private equity, strategy consulting and governance of information systems. I am ITIL, COBIT, PRINCE2, ISO 27001 and Data Protection Officer (DPO) certified.

Why did you join TRAX?

I like working in a network: TRAX brings together competent consultants constituting a melting pot of opportunities and pooled knowledge.

What are the objectives of a security auditor?

By remaining independent, through the relevance of his observations, he supports the company on the path to compliance and continuous improvement.

Why is compliance important?

Compliance contributes to:

  • Raise the level of maturity of those who choose it;
  • Preserve its activity in a demanding environment;
  • Establish its legitimacy by providing a competitive advantage;
  • Promote continuous improvement.

Who is affected by the standard in the company?

All stakeholders (internal and external) are affected by the adoption of a standard, which however comes up against the phenomenon of resistance to change. The company must then transform the constraints into opportunities.

What is the interest of a company in applying the standard?

The company thus engages in a virtuous dynamic, which consolidates its image, structures its values and sets it apart from its competitors. The adoption of a standard is a management issue, which must share its vision, create commitment and reassure those who are reluctant.