• Flash audit
  • Initial diagnosis and state of affairs
  • Situation qualification (mapping, prerequisite)
  • Certification preparation audits
  • Independent internal audits of Management Systems
  • Customer audits – suppliers(contracts, Service Level Agreement,litigation, post incident …)
  • Certification audits (third party)
  • Measuring the gap in rules and state of the art(gap analysis)


  • Design of educational content and animation of training (inter/intra company)
  • Prevention and awareness
  • Defining the issues (regulatory, referential)
  • Impact identification and classification of associated risks
  • Understanding the keys and codes to move towards the state of the art
  • Defining compliance needs, policies, programs, procedures and their implementation
  • Assistance in the implementation of educational tools
  • Outsourced service of Data Protection Delegate and Information Systems Security Manager.

Advice and expertise

  • Framing study and development of certification strategies
  • Project to support the implementation of simple or integrated management systems according to ISO requirements (9001, 20000-1, 27001, 22301, HDS and RGPD, etc.)
  • Organizational and functional support, digital transformation
  • Developing dashboards and compliance indicators
  • Implementation of tools (operating methods, guides, models, risk management software and treatment registry)
  • Assistance, drafting and updating of programs, policies and procedures
  • Support, expertise and support for certification projects


By choosing to crystallize their attention on their core business, our clients are now delegating strategic and essential missions to ensure the integrity of their service promise.

  • Outsourced Information Systems Security Manager (RSSI)
  • Outsourced Data Protection Delegate (DPD/DPO)
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Tool Box

Regularly asked for services related to its digital compliance diligences, TRAX has organized a network of dedicated partners.

Indeed, if TRAX itself responds to certain requests:

  • Risk modeling through our vRisk app
  • Support for the development of the treatment registry (RGPD) with our dedicated software application

its partners deal with specific requests:


  • Intrusion tests
  • Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
  • Cryptography
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Data reconstruction and media
  • Monitoring the dark web (threat intelligence)


  • Formalization of contracts
  • Contract architecture and general or specific clauses

For these topics, we offer to advise you on a case-by-case basis based on our analysis of your expression of needs.

Watch and perspective

The norm creates business: by observing, for example, China’s strategy to bring the standards of the telephony market together to its own, even on the American territory, the anticipation of normative strategies is no longer an intellectual comfort, but a critical issue.

We alert our clients to the issues that will determine the sustainability of their activities and their strategic options.

  • State of the art and impact analysis of laws, standards and regulations for a given context (country, sector, society, business unit, …)
  • Analysis of market risks and opportunities by business/geographic
  • Monitoring and synthesis of the life cycle of standards and standards (security, continuity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, risks, compliance…)
  • Anticipating emerging topics

Focus on vRisk

In SaaS mode or installed on a dedicated infrastructure(on premise),vRisk is a flexible, customizable application, easy to use and administer, which allows to manage risks by:

  • Incorporating the specifics of each organization
  • Playing to the envy of analytics scenarios by changing their parameters
  • Comparing the results
  • Covering the entire risk management cycle according to place standards (ISO 31000, ISO 27005, EBIOS…):
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